by Pinto /Cassady/Greene
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The night Eddie Terrini died, I was on a roller coaster ride
As all the women cried... They said:
“Eddie, Eddie-boy’s dead...
He never made it home to his water bed
An angel came and took his soul
When he rammed into a light pole”
And for five long minutes the lights went out
At the Fiesta Del Pinole

A week before Eddie Terrini died, his friend Dwayne Berry was tried
Dwayne’s lawyer said his brain was fried
They said Dwayne wasn’t under control
When he drove like a maniac through Pinole
But the judge said “Put him away”
Dwayne Berry escaped the very next day
He evaded the Highway Patrol
And hitch-hiked back
To the Fiesta Del Pinole

Then the lights flickered out and died
As Eddie careened down the hillside
I was still on the roller coaster ride
In the darkness Dwayne got away
Before they even found Eddie’s body
The roller coaster was out of control
 It shot like a rock above a flagpole
And while we were airborne
I prayed for my soul
At the Fiesta Del Pinole

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